Case Study – Santis Global

Website Development & Business Branding for International Couriers – Santis Global

Santis Global is an international courier service as well as a courier broker, specialising in business services and logistics. They approached us with a view to creating a website for their new business.

As a new business concept they required branding, including initial logo concept, all business stationery, full website including commercial login and integration of broker platform, packaging design and vehicle livery graphics.

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The branding needed to be instantly recognisable, and would be used throughout. Our client was clear on the colour scheme and gave the go ahead on the interlinking S design for the logo. The logo design reinforces the concept of security and reliability, whilst the colour palate, metallic fade and custom fonts reinforce the technological aspect.

Santis Global is a multifaceted business service provider, which needed to be reflected in the design of their website. The website incorporates many areas of the business from purely informational pages through to customer logins. The website needed to integrate with a specific software and tracking systems so that their customers can check and trace in real time their parcels and shipping, or login to obtain a quote or book a service. This also applied to the private hire area of the business. To provide reassurance, security and durability Santis Global wanted to offer their customers a comprehensive range of packaging materials and mailing stationery. These include waterproof self-adhesive courier bags, secure document pouches & wallets, solid cover document pouches, mailing tubes and mailing boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes. These were designed by Puffin Creative along with their vehicle livery graphics.

We are very pleased with how the project went. Santis Global had their official launch in March 2014. Their feedback from the website has been fantastic, and we are looking forward to working with them some more on additional projects.

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