Happy Birthday Facebook

Wow! 10 years old, my how you’ve grown. In 2004, according to Mashable.com we were reading the Da Vinci Code, listening to OutKast, rocking round in Von Dutch Trucker Caps and thefacebook.com was launched. Well some of that may have been true too in the UK, but as Facebook celebrates its 10th anniversary we take a look at its rise and rise to internet domination.

Love it or hate it, it is hard to avoid the Facebook phenomenon that has exploded throughout the last decade. In our FOMO (fear of missing out) society it is hard to not succumb to the allure of this social media entity. website name server Now a cross-generational medium, its users range from as young as 13, to as old as 106! Facebook’s oldest user, Edythe Kirchmaier, recently celebrated her birthday and has been using the site from her iPad mini for the last year as explained by a recent article on abcNEWS.

So what is the appeal? Anyone who has watched The Social Network is familiar with the Mark Zuckerberg story and how Facebook became the site that we are all familiar with today. Originally created for Harvard College students as a way to share messages and pictures, create a ‘profile’ of themselves and connect with other virtual friends, this format for social interaction had huge appeal in the wider, global community.

Find friends, connect and share, and if you miss it, you miss out.

So for many of us, who like the idea of connecting, interacting, having many ‘friends’ and seeing what they’re all up to, we couldn’t resist. It has rekindled romances, reunited friends, retrieved lost teddies and provided us with a forum to share our lives.

But social interaction isn’t the whole picture. Brands, celebrities and businesses have all followed suit and harnessed the power of social media marketing by the forced or organic growth of their popularity through Facebook. The pages that we ‘like’ or share contribute to the promotion of these pages, like a personal recommendation.

The Facebook stats as reported in a recent article by The Guardian, show that the social site had 1.23 billion monthly active users worldwide at the end of 2013, 757 million of those log on daily, and over half of all users have more than 200 friends. In the UK alone 24 million of us log on each day via our computers, tablets or smartphones.


Susanne Wakefield

Post author